REVIEW: Kippumjo – Jolly Jaunt (Single

Our first review comes in the form of Jolly Jaunt, the first single by enigmatic artist Kippumjo (real name unknown), of self proclaimed “energetic, dissonant music made with Tuxguitar” and the music is exactly that.

Eager to the point of amateurishness, but charming enough to not be distracting, Jolly Jaunt is a short single that never really tries to go anywhere, basing itself off of the dynamic between the piano, bass, and the drums (which sit uncomfortable at the top of the mix) the song is fast paced and exciting, even if it only has a few music ideas to display.

The song is a promising first effort, and especially impressive for the software used to create it. Kippumjo clearly has an ear for what sounds good, but not so much of an ear for how to put that together. The song abruptly ends in the middle of a musical phrase without really feeling fulfilled – which is almost fitting for the song, which itself seems to exist in the middle somewhere, not really completed, an idea more so than an execution.


Listen here:


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