Looking at Instagram Makes You Sad

By Tom Z

Well, it’s official.  A number of studies have confirmed that viewing pictures of your friends on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram makes you sad, depressed and envious.  Especially if the photos are of something cool, like a vacation.  From Slate:

If the hours you log on Facebook are largely about creeping through other people’s posts – especially their photos, and especially – especially their vacation snaps – with an occasional pause to update your own status and slap on a grudging “like” here or there, then science confirms that you have entered into a semi-consensual sadomasochistic relationship with Facebook and need to break the cycle.

People have it all wrong.  When judging someone else, you shouldn’t look at what they post on Facebook or Instagram.  Instead you should at how often they post.  If they’re posting a lot during the day, it means they have a job where they get paid to dick around on the Internet, and you should be insanely jealous, because you’re sitting there actually doing your job like a sucker.  If they post a lot at night, it means they have nothing going on outside of work, and you should send them a game request or something, cause that’s just sad.  If they never use social media, it probably means they’re an extremely successful person who doesn’t have time for such nonsense, and you should hitch your wagon to their star immediately.  I hope that helps!

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    LOL, instagram and facebook are the devil for real. So much stuff to be envious about.