“Summer Break” is a New Reality Show That Will Air Only on Social Media

By Tom Z
bad driver

Once in awhile, someone will be struck with an idea that so magnificent and forward-thinking that it demands to be executed immediately.  Other times, some guy in a suit will see a Powerpoint saying that kids like Twitter, and then he’ll come up with some piece of crap to try and make a quick buck off the youth demographic.  I’m not saying which of the two cases best describes the new reality show “Summer Break,” but on the other hand, I am absolutely saying that it’s the second case.  From the Wall Street Journal:

“Summer Break” will offer tweets, pictures and videos within minutes after cast members create them…   Sixty-second daily “episodes” assembled by professionals will typically post on YouTube within 24 hours of the events they portray. Weekly wrap-up videos will look like marathons by comparison, running three to five minutes each.

The web producer side of me appreciates this effort, because they’re attempting a new method of distribution and abandoning the staid rules of television that have made that medium nearly unwatchable.  But the human side of me realizes this is just another shitty MTV reality show repackaged in shorter clips.  So I’m torn.  It’s like if Taco Bell suddenly offered home delivery.  I like the fact that I no longer have to drive to the ghetto and wait in line for my order, but at the end of the day, you’re still feeding me dog meat.


[PS - All of the cast photos from "Summer Break" look like child porn, so instead I chose to use a photo of a hilariously bad driver. Hey, still better than the drivers in Blue Back Square, am I right?]